Starting to race

You want to start racing, but where do you start? MDM is happy to give you useful tips for when you want to start racing. We do this by offering you a practical step-by-step plan. In addition, we are happy to provide you with some more information, including information about the required racing license and the costs of racing.

Step-by-step plan to start racing
MDM staat voor u klaar als uw ervaren professional in de autoracesport. Wij bieden de meest uiteenlopende mogelijkheden, producten en diensten aan. U kunt bij ons terecht voor het huren van een raceauto, maar ook voor het bouwen of laten aanpassen van een raceauto. U kunt online nader kennis maken met ons aanbod. Wij staan klaar voor onervaren en ervaren coureurs. Wilt u meer weten over wat wij precies voor u kunnen betekenen? Neem dan gerust eens vrijblijvend contact met ons op.

step-by-step plan to start racing
Starting racing is not easy and that's a good thing. Racing is simply not for everyone. Do you really want to go for it? Then it is good to follow a step-by-step plan for starting racing. We have drawn up this step-by-step plan for you. Below are the 4 steps you need to take to actually start racing.

Step 1: make sure you really like racing
You enjoy watching races and you may also like to drive just a bit too fast in your own car. The idea of racing yourself makes your heart beat a little faster. It could just become your new hobby, but it is important to know for sure. Racing is a hobby that involves costs. Only invest in it if you are sure that this is really what you want to do. You can drive a track day to test whether you really like it. This can be done with your own car or with a rented racing car.

Stap 2: Uw racelicentie behalen
De volgende stap is het volgen van een racecursus en het behalen van de racelicentie. Dit doet u bij Rensportschool Zandvoort. U behaalt hier de zogenaamde KNAF Racelicentie, dat u het best kunt zien als het rijbewijs dat u nodig heeft om deel te mogen nemen aan races.

Stap 3: de juiste outfit aanschaffen
Have you decided that you really want to start racing? Then it is important to purchase the right equipment. You need good rider kit. This kit contains: a raceoverall with underwear, racingshoes, gloves, helmet and possibly a H.A.N.S. (Head and Neck Support) to support your neck at a hard impact.

Step 4: determine your route
Every driver is different. Everyone has their own passions and wishes. Now is the time to start thinking about what you want. For example, you can opt for free driving, which is possible on several circuits. Of course it is also possible to participate in different racing classes. You can do this with your own car, but you are also welcome to rent a race car at MDM. Please contact us for more information.

Various racing licenses
You need a racing license. This is also called the KNAF Racing license. The Dutch motorsport association, the KNAF, is the party that issues these licenses. A racing license is proof that you have all the necessary skills for racing. You need the license to participate in car races on a closed and paved track. There is a special TEST license for the youngest drivers. This can be achieved by 14 year olds. With this license you can participate in the official test days, but not yet in races. For adults, there are three racing licenses, the CLUB license, the EU license and the international license. To obtain these licenses, it is mandatory to pass a practical and theoretical exam.

You start with the CLUB license
To obtain a CLUB license it is necessary to follow a racing course of two days. This is the basic course. The CLUB license can therefore be seen as the beginner's license. When you have obtained this license, you can participate in friendly matches within the Netherlands. The Zomer Avond Competitie (ZAC) is a good example of this. You may participate with a CLUB license. You may also participate in some beginners classes for the Dutch Championship.

You can continue for an EU- or international license
Do you want more? Then it is possible to obtain the EU license. For this it is necessary to follow a racing course or to gain experience during races. This license allows you to participate in higher racing classes, including GT cars and formula cars. The licenses are also valid abroad, which also gives you more choice of places where you can participate in the racing classes at a higher level.

Start racing without a (big) budget
You can start racing without having a large budget. However, you should always keep in mind that following the racing course and obtaining the license costs money. You can then participate in the Free Driving program of Rensportschool Zandvoort. This Free Driving is organized several times a year and is an accessible concept. Anyone who does not want to invest heavily or does not have the ambition to compete can go here. The Free Driving days are open to everyone. This means that there are very experienced drivers, but also very inexperienced drivers. That is why there are a number of restrictions. After all, racing must remain safe for everyone.

Beginnen met racen mét (groot) budget
Vindt u het niet erg om een groter bedrag te investeren om echt goed te beginnen met racen? Dan is het een mooie keuze om eens deel te nemen aan een van de cups waarin MDM actief is. MDM is actief in de Westfield Cup, de BMW 240i Cup of DNRT Endurance/Sprintraces. Voor meer uitleg kunt u kijken bij onze auto’s.

What costs do you have to take into account?
You need a license to start racing. Would you like to drive your own car? Then you will also be faced with the costs of a race car. If you think the purchase costs for a race car are too high, then it is also an option to rent a race car from MDM. Are you buying a race car yourself? Then take into account extra costs for repairs, maintenance and any adjustments that you want to have made to the car yourself.

Buying yourself into a team is also possible
You can drive your own suitable car, but of course you can also rent a car. During the season you will have to deal with several costs, such as costs for tires, fuel, the rental of a pit box , repairs and maintenance. You also have to pay registration fees. There is an option to join a participating team. There are pros and cons to this. The main advantage is that you can save on various costs. So you are generally better off when you join a team. You can’t join a team for free. Always check the costs carefully before deciding. For example, pay close attention to which costs are borne by the team and which costs you pay yourself, also in the event of damage.