MDM has evolved and expanded over the years. We are not only the party for the circuit, but we are also ready for you in our workshop. Our offer can be divided into four categories:

Arrive & Drive

Besides the services offered on our website, MDM is always open to discuss new challenges. Please contact us to explore the possibilities. 

Arrive & Drive
Before driving on a racetrack , a lot has to be done. The car has to be prepared. Things have to be arranged in the field of maintenance, transport of the race car, tires and spare parts, registration for access to the circuit and sometimes also a hotel stay. At Arrive & Drive, MDM takes over your concerns and makes sures to take care of all these details. This way the driver only has to focus on driving.

 MDM goes beyond taking care of the essentials. We can also provide training and coaching, catering and data analysis. Of course we could also support you in determining a racing strategy. If desired, maintenance and repair work can be carried out in the MDM workshop after the race or trackday. With Arrive & Drive, everything, from A to Z, is arranged by MDM. 

Rental of racing cars
A driver can own a race car himself. In this case, the car can be stored and maintained by MDM. In case you don’t own a race car, we could rent it to you. You can rent a race car from us for a test day or a single event, but you can also rent a race car for driving a complete championship. When you rent a race car from us, you automatically opt for technical support during the event by MDM. You can always be sure that everything is well organized.

Racing car engineering
We do not only provide services on the track. You can also contact us for services in our workshop. We specialize in racing car engineering. Would you like to have something adapted to a race car? We offer many professional options. Of course we are happy to assist you with expert advice. If desired, we are able to suggest the best solutions. Almost everything in engineering can be performed at a high level by MDM. You can think of:

• Power test on the rolling road
• Modifications to geometry
• Adjustments to the wheel geometry and braking system
• Entire build-up of track day or full spec race car
• Repairs

In addition to the work on the track and on race cars, MDM is also able to work on classic cars. For example, perform all kinds of repairs and (partial) restorations.

Exploded view of some of the parts of a project on a BMW E30 M3 EVO II.